Multimedia Producer in the Northeast Megalopolis       will@astroltd.com


   My name is Will Chilton, I am a multimedia producer based in the Northeast Megalopolis, USA. I love cities, and I love the idea of a 400-mile-long uninterrupted chain of metropolitan areas. I'm a resident of Washington D.C., New York gives me terrible FOMO so I visit often. I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts and I love going to Cape Cod. I am usually in some part of the Megalopolis.

   In my past life I went to liberal arts college and majored in Economics. As a school kid I was good at science and math, and the adults in my life thought I might become a scientist or engineer. But as a 10 year old I wanted to be like Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, and that never really changed. After college I did not follow my peers towards doctorates or MBAs. I decided to start working in media.

   I got my first freelance job when I was 18. It was a gig setting was up holiday lights at the Massachusetts State House for then-Governor Romney to kick off the holiday season. The gig lasted fifteen hours, every shred of it spent outside in the cold. I missed the governor's speech as it was my only opportunity to crush a burrito. That same year I also worked in a diagnostic laboratory sorting blood samples, and sometimes processing them in a centrifuge to make serum. I quickly learned that I am well suited to freelancing. While I was in college during the summers I learned that it was much easier to pick up work as an electrician or grip, then to get a "normal" job. It also paid well.

   At 24, I started a business with my friend Gage Newman. We called it ASTRO LTD., and it still lives. It is focused on creating original content, historically for our clients but increasingly for us. Eventually as we grew, I started to buying cameras and lighting equipment as a way to raise the floor of our production quality. So I started a second business, Chilton Media Group, which provides services to other people's productions.

   I am primarily focused on making media that helps people learn about how the world works. In the next few years you'll see me producing original content on topics in urbanism, science, technology, medicine, policy, or other topics that I think are interesting.

   In the background I have never stopped freelancing. I never went to film or art school, and the opportunity to work on so many other projects has been a fantastic education. These days I still take work as a cinematographer for some pretty cool clients ;)

   Working in media is competitive. Media is oversupplied, so creators of low quality media are seldom rewarded. Being the peddler of low quality media is clearly not valuable. For these reasons I have always tried to learn as much as possible, and I have acquired a lot of different skills.

   One of my skills is that I code websites. I am definitely not an ace web coder, but I can hack it. All my websites were written in original code, mostly by myself and Gage. If you see parts of my websites that aren't finished, that means we're still working on it :)